Andrea Galluccio

Milano, September 1974

At the early age of 6 or 7 I remember discovering some Records from my older brother…”If you want Blood you’ve got it” from AC/DC and “No Sleep ’til Hammersmith” from Motörhead.
I have to admit, pretty hard staff for a young kid but…I was so thrilled and excited by the power and rawness of this music, that right then began my long love affairs with the world of Rock & Roll and howling guitars!

I remember daring trying some chords on my brother’s acoustic guitar (when he was not there…) but only later at the age 12 I could get hold of a old spanish guitar with a broken string!
At the same time, the Blues, Hendrix, Clapton, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple…just to name a few, crossed and changed my life…

Cliche…perhaps, but the first time I heard songs like “Smoke on the Water” or LP’s like “Made in Japan” (Deep Purple) I knew what I wanted to do…and so I did till these very days.

At the age of 19 I moved to London looking for adventures…and surely enough I found plenty!
There, in the underground music scene, I had the chance to met and play with a great many musician, to learn my skills and had the opportunity to form some important Bands for my career.
Eventually my music took me as well overseas, all the way to New York for collaborations with well known musicians, like the bass player and founding member of the band “Manowar”, Joey Demaio.

My deep love and interest for music however, pushed me ever to varying experimenting shores and so, when I moved to Berlin, I found my self writing Orchestral and Film music, and Touring together with Theater Projects.
Later on when stumbling to West Germany I had as well the good fortune to write music for varying Ensembles and for dancers of the “Pina Bausch Company”. 

I have always enjoyed all these different aspects and musical worlds, and often tried to bring them together in my own music, and I have always been very grateful for all these experiences and inspirations, and yet…the deep love for my roots, rough guitars and straightforward Rock music as it was celebrated 40 years ago, has always been seducing…calling…calling me back…Back To The Roots!